Geriatric Physiotherapy

Lessen the conditions and impairments of aging

As physiotherapists we are able to assist the older population with treatment for a wide range of conditions that may affect one as we get older. These conditions may include pain due to the aging process, balance and mobility impairments and multiple medical diagnoses (chest conditions etc).

Here at Pro Physio we offer a range of treatment modalities and techniques that can aid in lessening these conditions and impairments of aging.

A comprehensive evaluation of each individual will be done to determine and highlight the main areas of concern and impairment, treatment will then be formulated around that main condition, for pain management the use of manual techniques, dry needling, soft tissue techniques and electrotherapeutic modalities may be used.

If the main condition is balance and mobility impairment a rehabilitation program consisting of exercises will be drawn up to address the necessary muscle weaknesses, balance and proprioceptive training and advice can also be given on assistive devices.