Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Physiotherapy

Return to your highest possible performance

Sports physiotherapy involves the assessment and treatment of sports related injuries and conditions.

As human beings we have the need to fulfill our daily lives with some form of activity and this can many times take the form of sport, whether it be running, cycling, football, rugby, walking, dancing, swimming, hockey, tennis, cricket and many other types of sport.

However due to the nature of sport and also each individuals competitive nature there are many times injuries which may occur related to your sport of choice, these injuries might be minor in the case of bumps and bruises through to injuries of a more serious nature namely ligament and muscle rupture and fractures.

Each sport has its common injuries that are related to the bio-mechanical and physical needs of the sport and many times we as individuals do not and cannot adapt effectively to these bio-mechanical and physical needs and this will then lead to injury. As Sport physiotherapists we specialise in assessing and treating these injuries taking into consideration the bio-mechanics of your body and the bio-mechanical needs of the sport of choice and then also the physical aspects of the individual and the physical requirements of the sport.

The physiotherapist will then design a rehabilitation programme specific to the individual and their bio-mechanical needs and the specific needs of the sport.

Such a treatment programme may include:

  • Manual techniques
  • Dry needling
  • Soft tissue treatment
  • Electrotherapeutic modalities

The ultimate goal of the physiotherapist within sports physiotherapy is to help the injured individual overcome his injury, adapt to the bio-mechanical needs and then help them to return to their highest possible performance.